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The Battle for Honor App Description

After I launched The Battle for Honor, you start looking at the globe with interest, where you can see how far some countries are located, for example, Europe is too far from Japan. If they were nearby, then many interesting stories could come up …

Creating this action game for honor, our developers have conceived to correct this discrepancy, fictitiously mixing three peculiar military cultures and presenting to us the battle of knights, Vikings and samurais for review. The very idea of ​​such a confrontation is so attractive that For Honor liked many in absentia, and became popular since the moment of the announcement.

First of all, The Battle for Honor is focused on full-scale battles, but there is also a single more modest campaign in the game. It performs its task perfectly: introduces the military system, represents a world for which we will still have to fight in online battles. In addition, presents a considerable period of time entertaining action games in the game.

All the tasks in the game The Battle for Honor are interconnected and tell one story, despite the fact that during the campaign it is expected to fight for different sides and in different places of the planet.

In the action game For Honor, the plot is quite simple, how knights, Vikings and samurais were relatively well off. But once there was a cataclysm, due to which all factions ran out of resources. That’s why the millennial war began, and even when food with water appeared, the opponents did not stop fighting because they were so used to it.

The relationship is exacerbated by a mysterious character in a helmet-skull, sincerely convinced that only warriors can live and, by accelerating natural selection, foments another war, on which we have to fight.

In The Battle for Honor, the superbly transmitted atmosphere of the game rests on three components: chivalrous valor, samurai honor and the fierce rage of the Vikings. The temperament of heroes for honor fully meets the mentality of their peoples, and many fights look like in a movie. Here, and often evasively evade, and the blades are crossed, and merciless finishing is really cruel.

For Honor on android, indeed, a significant phenomenon. The creators managed to realize not only our strange fantasies and unite the incompatible, but also create, the best mechanics of hand-to-hand combat in the history of android games.

Remarkable advantages in the action game For Honor is the diversity of characters and styles of combat; intelligible and variable melee mechanics; smooth animation and good quality graphics; excellent balance.

There is no doubt that The Battle for Honor action game will be a great entertainment service with long-term support. Currently, we have an amusing and deep tactical shooter with a complex but brilliant emotion of the combat system, unlike and different characters, an active community of players.

Therefore, you need to appreciate what we have in the present, enjoy and enjoy, as For Honor can change beyond recognition – this is the essence of online games.

The Battle for Honor is an outstanding game about medieval warriors, an interesting experiment and a brilliant basis for further success.



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