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Rope Hero 3 App Description

This is a sequel of the superhero rope saga. You must survive in a large open world and defeat all enemies. A man with a hook will have to prove to the whole city that he is the real hero. Your guy is waiting for a new improved location with a lot of quests, small missions and a bunch of fierce enemies. Enemies will wait for you on the streets of the city among passers-by. You must always be on the alert. Identify criminals among the inhabitants of the city and destroy them by any means.

Explore this dangerous city, find tasks for yourself. A mini map will help you understand what is located in this metropolis.

Find free resources and collect daily rewards. You can get: first-aid kit, weapons, ammo of coins and crystals.

Dangerous skirmishes can begin anywhere in the city. Manage to dodge and return fire. Steal various vehicles. Be careful when stealing, you can grab a stray bullet.

Go through dangerous missions. Destroy competing gangs. Hide from evil cops. If you don’t have enough weapons, you can complete missions related to weapons and get the necessary guns. You can always find an arms store in the city and purchase guns, ammunition, body armor. A mini map will help you find a weapons store.

Level up your hero, increase your life and stamina. Pump damage and attack speed. Your little man must be powerful and agile. Improve your skills in various weapons. Learn to drive different cars, with each trip your boy will be better and better to drive cars. You will notice better handling and acceleration. Your car will be less damaged. Get rewards for leveling skills for your bandit.

Convenient mobile interface allows you to play with comfort. A flexible graphics settings system allows you to customize the game for your device to play without problems. A system of tips and lessons will allow you to better understand how the shooting system, the driving system and other mechanics are arranged.

The game has an expanded arsenal, explore different shops. Each game store has its own unique set of weapons: pistols, knives, machine guns, bazookas, various blasters and much more. Your man with a hook has a super weapon – an unlimited rope. With it, you can attract enemies and cars. You will be able to move along the roofs of buildings. Move along the walls of buildings, lead a hidden pursuit like a ninja. Use your imagination to learn new applications for your super rope.

The game has a large number of vehicles: trucks, sports cars, ordinary city cars. In the game world you will find a bicycle, it is suitable for moving on relaxation. An off-road motorcycle is very maneuverable and will travel everywhere. A sports bike is a powerful device, it will allow you to be fast as lightning. But be careful not to fly off the road or crash into traffic lights or other urban objects. Old SUV – it is very strong and stable on the road. Tank – get to the military base and steal a real tank. Helicopter – you will take possession of it by making an attack on a military base.

We hope you enjoy the free game Rope Hero 3. We will constantly update the game. New missions will be created.



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