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Don’t know how to name your Fandom relationships?Try Fandom Ship Names Generator
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Fandom Ship Names Generator: F App Description

Thinking about a perfect pairing (ship) name for any fandom or just for loving couple? Don’t know how to name your OTP? Then you will like my app!

Just enter two names and the Fandom Ship Names Generator will combine them and generate a list of Ship Names for you to choose from.

Fans or fan communities often develop different naming practices for ship names in their fandom although these practices overlap, change and spread into other fandoms.

The most popular practice to generate ship names is combining parts of characters’ (couple) names. Very often a pairing is given a name generated by combining the letters of the two characters’ names. This is used in many fandoms (by TV Shows fans, Japanese fandoms, on Tumblr, Pixiv and even outside fandom) and is called portmanteau (OTP names are combined (or “smooshed”) to form one word).

Ship Names Generator is based on this practice and is a powerful tool making generating ship name for any fandom very easy and fun. Just enter two names and it will combine them and generate a list of Ship Names for you to choose from!

After you select a Ship Name you can copy it to clipboard, share on Facebook and Twitter, through Messages and Mail. Ship Names keeps an editable history of the generated names you shipped so that you can easily recreate them.

You can generate Ship Names for:

– You and your significant other (couple name is very cute not only for girlfriend and boyfriend but married couples too)

– Friends and family

– Coworkers

– Favorite characters in a book or movie (or your fandom)

– Favorite Hollywood couples

– Pets

– OTP’s (be original on Tumblr!) in your fandom

– Superheroes and villains

– World leaders

– Sports athletes

– And much more name pairings!

Ship names generator may be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

– To label a particular fanwork

– To describe all fanworks featuring that ship

– Community and event names

– Tags on Pixiv, Tumblr, Twitter, or other multi-fannish sites

– To help shippers in fandom identify each other

Ship Names generator is completely free!



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