サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~



This is a story of regaining the robbery of Japan. This is a 100 year warrior. One of the possibilities of the future of the Shogun world created by Sakura War is now available.
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サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~ App Description

“Sakura Revolution-Blooming Otome” has ended its service on July 20th, 2021.

※ It will be withdrawn from the store on October 18th, 2021.

※ The above may be changed or exited without prior notice.


Japanese, retake.

Time is 100 years.

Revive the Empire Engagement and bring back Japan from the Great Empire Opera B.L.A.C.K.!

In 1984, Japan suffered devastating damage due to a large spirit spirit (called “Myo Hyo”) called “The Emperor’s Doom” and spiritual explosion in Japan, and it was restored by the success of the development of the new energy equipment “The Mirai Institution”, which replaces the “Steamed Spirit Children’s Engine”.

In addition, after the “Employ of the Empire”, many demons called “Surrenders” have appeared in all over the country to attack people.

To make the hearts of the nation devastated in the catastrophe, the government establishes “The Great Empire Flower Squad B.L.A.C.K.”

Performing live performances as a national stage troupe, sometimes wearing epic suits and confronting “The Demon”, “The Great Empire Flower B.L.A.C.K.” has been greeted with people’s craze.

With everyone’s trust in the government,

Those who realized it was false and appeared.

It’s name is “Empire Whacker”.

To return Japan to the form it would be from the government and’The Great Empire Squad B.L.A.C.K.’

The trip of Japan’s takeover by the Empire Whacker will begin on a land on Ao Island far away from the Empire 



・Yakashi Oshishi / Yura Oshishi (CV: Kothiro West Mountain / Hinako Takashi Bridge)

Emperor Flower Shooter ・ Aoga Island Flower Team

-Good Saki (CV: Moe Kishmoto)

・Fuka Aoha island (CV: Ayumi Takaura)

・Jikohamahame cave(CV: Yuko Netsuichi)

Empire Flower Shooter, Kyushu Flower Team

・Mayaya Ohsumo (CV: Kokopbu kobe)

・Yu Takachiho (CV: Minami Takahashi)

-Mei Kuho (CV: Yukiko Motoichi)

-Phosphorus firepower (CV: Kotomihara)

・Tamano Angelica (CV: Endo)

・Ikus Iiri (CV: Hitomi Sakiki)

-Himeka Tenjin (CV: Sashika Misawa)

Empire Squad & Chinese Flower Team

・Nutsumi Nagato (CV: Yuichi Sakuham)

・Hako Takunomiya (CV: Yu Syomoto)

・ With Sandfield (CV: Aimee Koji)

・Mommy Eagle’s Feather (CV: Yukiki)

・Iroha Miyazono (CV: Noriaki Sehoku)

・ Monkey Monkey (CV: Yukiko Mise)

・With a dog farm (CV: Michito Tomida)

-Kyoko Toribe (CV: Nene Hida)

Empire Squad

・Sana Sudoku (CV: Anna Hachimaki)

Empire Squad

・Aogiri Kigiri (CV: Mai Kanno)

-Riho Oi river (CV: Hiyori Kono)

Empire Whacker, Hokuryu Goku

・Inaka Tatehill (CV: Anharu Haru)

Empire Flower Shooter ・ Kanto Flower Team

・Tetsuto Takaaki

・Shiro Yashiro(CV:Tetsuo Oho)

Empire Flower Shooter, Tohoku Flower Team

・Mouth Diaper (CV: Takahashi Flower Forest)

-Fuki Yagimori (CV: Hyuga summer)

Empire Flower Shooter ・ Hokkaido Flower Team

・ Mana Crosshair (CV: early South)

Empire Squad

・Toyama Koji (CV: Dance)

・SHIZHIRU AKIKI (CV: Seven Seas of Mountain)

-Yume Noshiro (CV: Nozomi Westa)

・Sempo Yukiko

・Nanako Biei (CV: Minori SUZUKI)

Great Empire Flower Shooter B.L.A.C.K.

-Star Star Plana (CV:Lynn)

・Shooting Walnut (CV: Nao Higashi mountain)

-Misa Musa (CV: Ami Kyoshi)

・My first glory (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)

・Clear Stoner Claire (CV: Duck Oira)

・F Click on Maju Snow (CV: Ayumi Ayano)

・Mood Tengka (CV: Chiken Yobu)

Main Characters

・Nadeko Saki (CV: Rie Taka)

・Giraffe Ao island (CV: Mika Doi)

・Like Treasure (CV: Inu mountain dog)

-Tetsuro Kiera (CV: Tomoichi Morigawa)

・Mammon (CV: Akira Ozuka)

-Belial (CV: Saitama)

・Pine forest Tokida (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)

・Umeda daibayashi (CV: Jun Fukumounta)

・Samael (CV: Ryoei Kimura)



Yusa Iwasa




Blackstar Red and White

Overflowing Naoki

Shinra Agency

Takeshi Sogabe (FiFS)


Yuyu Naora (IZM designworks)

Western village Kinu

Magi (Cloud gate)

Rio Dream


DELiGHT Art Works


hakus (IZM designworks)




Main song: “SAKURA HIKARU Revolution”

In the song: “Wonderful Future” / Grand Empire Flower Squad B.L.A.C.K.

Words: Aki field field Music: fair fairs Tama

[Game Production]

SEGA / DelightWorks Co.,

[Supported Devices]

Recommended OS: Android 9.0 or above

OS: Android 5.0 or above

[Supported Languages]

This language is only available in English. Please note that you can not choose any other language. .

Original Game © SEGA / © DELiGHTWORKS.



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